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Gay Left Issue 8 cover

  • Personal Politics - by the Gay Left Collective
  • Gays at Work: Student Unions - by Kate Ingrey
  • Pat Arrowsmith, Pacifist - interviewed by Keith Birch, Jacky Plaster, Marie Walsh and Nigel Young
  • Paedophilia: A Response - by Tom O'Carroll
  • Childhood Sexuality and Paedophilia - by Jamie Gough
  • In Defence of Disco - by Richard Dyer
  • Living with Indecency - by Bob Cant
  • Lost Freedoms - by Tom Woodhouse
  • A History of Sexuality Volume 1 by Michel Foucault - reviewed by Philip Derbyshire
  • Beyond the Fragments by Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal and Hilary Wainwright - reviewed by Jeffrey Weeks
  • The Dear Love of Comrades - reviewed by Sarah Maguire
  • Teachers Out - responses by John Warburton and Margaret Jackson
  • Homosexualities by Alan P Bell and Martin Weinberg - reviewed by Emmanuel Cooper
  • With Downcast Gays by David Hutter and Andrew Hodges; Psychiatry and the Homosexual published by Gay Liberation; The Politics of Homosexuality by Don Milligan - reviewed by Nigel Young
  • The Sexual Outlaw by John Rechy - reviewed by David Thompson
  • Music to do the washing up to: Tom Robinson Band: TRB 2 - reviewed by Hans Klabbers
  • Sexual Experience between men and boys by Parker Rossman - reviewed by Phillip Derbyshire
These articles were published in 1979. You cannot assume that the views expressed in them still represent the opinions of the authors or the men who were members of the Gay Left Collective at the time.